Welcome to Your Local Millinery and Hat Shop

We offer hats for the everyday ensemble, and have a constantly changing, seasonal selection of hats for women and men. Along with a carefully curated range of brands, we design and make our own house line. We are passionate about offering styles that can accompany you to the dog park, to the beach, or to a family gathering. When life throws you fantastic occasions, we're happy to make you the perfect accessory for your Kentucky Derby debut, your son's wedding, or that Gatsby party your colleague is throwing. Sometimes life throws you things less fantastic, and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of cashmere and cotton hats for people going through chemo. Having something lovely to wear on your head helps you feel that you haven’t lost your sense of self. We try to help make treatment easier.

We hope you enjoy shopping our website, and we invite you to visit us in person when you are next in town.