Dos And Don'ts For Summer Hats


DO get your summer on with a fun color.
DO wear a giant brimmed hat with a bathing suit to accentuate the positive.
DO make sure that your hat fits snugly enough to stay on in a sea breeze.
DO add hats to the list of items you are taking on your summer holiday. Packable hats made from cotton or ribbon DO pack well, but straw styles DON’T. DO plan to wear your straw hats on the plane.
DON’T flip your hat up in the front. This is a sign that your brim is  too large for comfort. If you flip the front up it won’t protect your gorgeous face, so DO choose a hat with enough brim to cover your face that doesn’t impair your vision.
DO remember that shielding your ears is just as important as protecting your nose from sunny rays, so if you have short hair Do get a brim that is big enough to cover them.
DO choose a face-framing style like this one.
DON’T forget your hat!

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