How to Wear your Hair with a Hat


Whatever your hair type or length, there’s a way to make it work with any style of hat. The most important consideration when wearing a hat is to be sure it frames your face well, so your hair should follow suit.
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A low bun or chignon is a chic solution for most hat styles, and allows your hat to take center stage.

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Use a texturizing spray to add some body with minimal effort and to easily avoid dreaded ‘hat hair’.

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Keep a fascinator from becoming too fussy with a simple side sweep of your locks.

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For bangs, frame them respectively by wearing the hat a little further back on the head, or by sweeping them softly to one side.

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Soft waves are a street-style favorite. To get the look, use heat to set the curl, and let them cool before brushing them out section by section.

image: @blaireadiebee
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For a more vintage feel, heat-set your curls with a styling spray, cool, and softly brush them into the desired shape.

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Going for sleek and modern? Stick with straight. The more blunt your ends, the more they will emphasize the lines of the hat.

hat: cora
model: @xxkittiekatie
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To get your hair off your face, embrace the low ponytail, or go for a side braid, which will work with any style of hat.

similar hat: eric
image: @nicosolovely
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If you’re going for classic and head turning, sometimes the best way to go is to pull everything back and showcase your beautiful face. This is also the best way to go if you are showing off additional accessories to keep the look from being too busy.

image: @advancedstyle
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