Dos and Don'ts and How Tos

How to Choose Accessories for Your Wedding Ensemble


With wedding season approaching, we'd like to take a moment to reach out to the beautiful brides and dapper grooms out there. A few thoughtfully chosen accessories can add visual impact and personality to your special day's outfit.  Here are some tips to help you compose the best outfit you'll ever wear ~ and likely, the most photographed! Take inspiration from some of your favorite everyday outfits. What do you feel most confident in? Decide what about those outfits take it to that extra step. A color that brings out your eyes? A favorite brooch from your grandmother? Look at the little things....

Derby Dos and Don'ts


With the Kentucky Derby fast upon us, it seems like a perfect opportunity to refresh our hat etiquette with some timely Derby Dos and Don'ts.  For the ladies: -DO plan your Derby outfit around your hat rather than the other way around. Stick to a simple sheath dress or tailored pencil skirt and peplum jacket. Add dimension to your clothing with a simple floral print or stripe, and let the wow factor come from what you're wearing on your head. -This is an occasion where size does matter, so DO go big with your brim. As much as we love a good fascinator...

Dos And Don'ts For Summer Hats


Jane DO get your summer on with a fun color. DO wear a giant brimmed hat with a bathing suit to accentuate the positive. DO make sure that your hat fits snugly enough to stay on in a sea breeze. DO add hats to the list of items you are taking on your summer holiday. Packable hats made from cotton or ribbon DO pack well, but straw styles DON’T. DO plan to wear your straw hats on the plane. DON’T flip your hat up in the front. This is a sign that your brim is  too large for comfort. If you flip the front up it won’t protect your...