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We've heard it so many times: "I don't look good in hats." Might we just suggest you've been trying on the wrong hats for your face? Think back to the days when everyone wore a hat, every single day. They all looked great! The reason being that the hat was chosen based upon face shape, hair style, and practical wearability.

.   .   .

Some tips for you, my lovely:

Most hat style guides will start with your face shape - heart, oval, round or square. However, it's not the first thing you should consider. To determine the right proportion of hat, you'll want to start with your height and body shape. 

If you are petite, in head, body, or both, try a shorter brim that doesn't overwhelm you.

If you are taller you can pull off wider brim styles. Stingy, narrow brims tend to look awkward on a tall frame, or on a larger head.

Generally, the brim of your hat should not be wider than your shoulders. If you're unsure, try it on, and take a look in a full length mirror. If the hat doesn't suit your overall frame, you'll notice immediately, and adjust your preferences accordingly.

.   .   .

Now for face shape. A general rule is opposites attract. Here is a little cheat sheet to get you started:

porkpies and fedoras with shorter crowns, cloches of all kinds, drivers and caps
.   .   .
fedoras with mid size brims, asymmetrical styles, wide brim cloches
.   .   .
cloches with or without a brim, boaters, caps and casquettes, wide brims
.   .   .
wide brim fedoras, asymmetrical styles, floppy brim styles
.   .   .

But just to confuse things, the above list just may not suit your personality. Take Humphrey Bogart for instance. He had an angular, long face, and his choice of an angular fedora looked so appropriate that it became his signature look. 

.   .   .

Once you try something, take a look in the mirror. Pay attention to the way the hat frames your face. If you immediately feel like pulling it right off, don't be so hasty! It could be the styling. Make sure it sits above your brows (we want to see those lovely eyes), and feel free to play with the angle of how it sits on your head. A little bit of tilt, either to one side or a little further back, can make all the difference.

.   .   .

We are always happy to help you find the right style for you. We offer practical advice and will find the hat that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly. So pop into our shop in Portland, or send us an email with a selfie.

Happy hat hunting!

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