Dress it up, dress it down


If you're looking to get more miles out of your favorite hat, or perhaps change up one that seems to be collecting dust, look no further. You can change the enitre look of a hat with simple trim changes and clever shaping.

Whether you're looking to refresh last year's style, or you have a special occasion to attend, we love the art of transformation.

Here are some alterations to get you inspired.

.   .   .

Switch up your personality with a flip of the brim and a new hat band to take you from jazz percussionist to crooner in the spotlight.


.   .   .

Span eras with a wire-edged brim to take you from 70's boho floppy to a darling 20's look. 


.   .   .

Everyone's always in the need of a good day to night piece. A little ribbon upgrade and rhinestone brooch bring our Daphne from the afternoon picnic to an evening soiree.


.   .   .

Need a style that's versatile enough for the beach and for the garden party? Go from simple to stunning with trailing ribbons and silk flowers.


.   .   .

Our ribbon drawer is always open for perusal if you ever want to change out your look. We have an ever-changing array of flowers and embellishments to add that little extra something.

Stop on by, or give us a call, and let's get started!

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