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The Eva

My Grandmother’s sister, Eva, was the glamorous one. She left Basel to model in Paris, and then went on to New York to continue her career. When the politics got ugly in Europe everyone was relieved that she, at least, was safe in New York. But there was someone she loved in Germany, and she went back to be with him. At just the wrong time. Eva died in a concentration camp, and many years later, one of the women she was close to in that horrific place, a survivor, found my Grandmother, and told her the end of Eva’s story.

I so wish I had known her. That she had made it.

This is the hat I imagine her crossing the Atlantic in, to be with her love. It would have given her some warmth and protection -- both from the weather and the attention seekers she likely shunned, while being still glamorous enough for her to have chosen it. Rest in peace dear Eva.

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