Gift Guide for the Seriously Picky


We’ve all got at least one on our list – a seriously picky person. Do not fear, we have some very cozy options designed to appeal to even the pickiest recipient, no matter their size.

Who doesn’t love a beanie? We have one for everyone:
Your bah humbug co-worker


Your adorable neighbor who brings cookies for your dog


Your vegan bestie


Or a headband?
for the Yogi


and her sister


Or a cap?
for your dog walker who takes your cute dog out, rain or shine


for your favorite work mate


for your techie savior


For that handsome man in your life


And the one in his


Or something practical?
for the commuter, casual stroller or out of towner


Or something cozy?
For your bestie’s sweetie


For your mom


And your dad


And maybe this set for yourself…

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