In your Easter bonnet...


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Abundant cherry blossoms and blooming bulbs ~ Easter is around the corner! Time to embrace lighter fabrics, subtle florals, and straw hats. Here are a few suggestions to look positively put together this Easter Sunday. (or any Sunday...)

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Pair a straw boater with a shirtdress for a fresh look without feeling too summery.
Frankie and Hazel boaters
.   .   .
Take a classic cloche and jazz it up with a vintage ribbon or fabric flower - there are plenty of embellishments to choose from here in the shop to coordinate with your Sunday best.
Daphne and Claudette cloches
.   .   .
Spring is all about freshness ~ so embrace color, play with pattern, and go for the bow. These cheerful touches add whimsy to your look and aren't nearly as daunting to incorporate as you may think.
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