Mothers and Daughters: A History



Whether your preference is Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Julian Fellows, the story and the drama around mothers and their daughters is a rich one. We prefer to focus on the positive, the nurturing, the traditions and the dress up.

We named three of our prettiest cloches after the trio from Downton Abbey – the Cora, the Lady Mary and the Edith (there was a Sybil, but alas…) – and may we suggest one for your darling mom, and one for you, and perhaps a sister or two, would be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

We offer you our mother/daughter combo – 20% off two, 30% off three. Wear them in the spirit of the day, and who’s to know if they are all, really, just for you?


Use code TWOSCOMPANY for 20% off two hats,

or THREESACROWD for 30% off three hats from our house line.

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