Something new for Independence Day


4th of July is around the corner! Start a new tradition this year - here are some uncommon, but very important things to do for the holiday, along with some appropriate accessories. 

.   .   .

Go exploring. Head out to a place you haven't been. Sit down with a picnic and bask in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Bring along a boater for proper shade.
.   .   .

Thank your dog for always being cheerful and lovable, even when the news isn't.

Lots of adorable headbands in stock! This nautical stripe headband and chambray dot headwrap are very nice options.
.   .   .

Cherish the little ones in your life. Sing the national anthem together, and let them know what you're doing to make their future brighter.

Protect their skin along the way with this adorable star spangled fedora.
.   .   .

Instead of rushing around planning the barbecue, support the local economy by having it catered by your favorite local restaurant, and take a well deserved nap. It is your day off, after all.

Block out some light with a straw fedora - BrooksSeeley and Chance have got you covered.
.   .   .

Support one of the many amazing local organizations working to better your community.

We are so happy to partner with Nasty Women PDX in offering 'In Our America' yard signs, stickers, and posters here at the shop. All proceeds are donated to local organizations who support the values on the flag. 
.   .   .

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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