Staying Cool


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What a heat wave!

To keep from overheating while you're out and about, wear a hat to keep you out of direct sunlight and shade your face. Real straw is the most breathable and lightweight option, which makes it perfect for 100+ degree days. If you're going with fabric, stick with cotton and linen.

Here are some suggestions for staying cool on those long summer days.

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Head to the coast.

Pack the sunscreen, grab some lunch fixings on your way out of town, and bring along an adjustable hat in case beach winds pick up.

Stevie, Bree, and Hayden adjustable fit sunhats
. . .

Visit your favorite watering hole.

Head over to Lucky Lab, because your dog is hot too.

Riley straw fedora, Taylor driver, Joey cap, Hepburn wide brim fedora
. . . 

Take a stroll in a shady garden.

Visit the Japanese Garden or Leach Botanical Garden.

Lyla wide brim straw and Helen crocheted raffia cloche
. . . 

If you just can't stand the heat - hang up your hat and pick up a good book!

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