packable straw fedora  100% raffia straw with cotton interior band  comes with a canvas travel bag for easy packing

packable raffia straw fedora ~ Carmel


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classic panama straw fedora natural with black band

classic panama straw fedora ~ Brooks


elegant straw fedora  embellished with a black ribbon and feather  soft and lightweight

classic straw Panama ~ Connor


wide brim parasisal straw fedora for women

wide brim straw fedora ~ Hepburn


womens straw fedora parasisal straw hand blocked

parasisal straw ladies fedora ~ Lauren





lightweight visca straw fedora locally made

lightweight straw fedora ~ Bernhardt


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crocheted raffia straw womens cowboy hat with wired brim and beaded trime

raffia cowgirl hat ~ Josie


crocheted raffia brown straw fedora with beaded trim for women

crocheted raffia wide brim fedora ~ Haley