Derby Dos and Don'ts

With the Kentucky Derby fast upon us, it seems like a perfect opportunity to refresh our hat etiquette with some timely Derby Dos and Don'ts.

 For the ladies:

-DO plan your Derby outfit around your hat rather than the other way around. Stick to a simple sheath dress or tailored pencil skirt and peplum jacket. Add dimension to your clothing with a simple floral print or stripe, and let the wow factor come from what you're wearing on your head.

-This is an occasion where size does matter, so DO go big with your brim. As much as we love a good fascinator here at Bonnet, they are a DON'T for Derby.

-DO wear an asymmetrical brim. This is not only the most flattering way to highlight your gorgeous eyes, it  allows you to see whether your horse is still in the race.

-DO take the time to embellish your hats, ladies. Use grosgrain ribbon to make a large bow, add a fabric flower or go with some fresh picked and tuck them into your band.

Pretty little (big) flowers, available in the shop

-DO think about your partner. Your hats DON'T need to (and shouldn't) match, but it's nice if they DO complement each other.

-Now is the time to place your order for a custom Derby hat at Bonnet! DON'T wait too late!

For the gentlemen:

-Derby is a formal event, so DO don your seersucker or lightweight suit for the occasion. 

-DO choose a wider brim Panama or more traditional fedora. The stingy brim is a DON'T on Derby day.

-DO embellish that wider brim men's hat with a small rose bud or scented blossom that goes with your partner's ensemble.

-If a wide brim just isn't your style, DO choose a light color flat cap in a silk or linen. 

-DO choose to host or attend a Derby party that benefits our community. There are many that DO.

-DO tip your hat to the ladies upon entering your event.

-DO toss your hat in the air in joy when your horse wins the race!