My Best Friend is Going Through Chemo

The fear and generosity that underlie this sentence, often spoken through tears, is heartfelt. This person is looking for a hat that will soothe, shield, flatter, embolden, and fortify her bestie. One that will serve as a reminder of how much she is loved. Often the first hat the friend reaches for is full of personality, a structured fedora with a big brim, or a floppy straw sunhat.  This is not the right hat for her friend right now, but I know which one is, because these words are ones I’m hearing more often here at my little shop, and I am here to help.

The hat your friend needs is soft, a natural fiber that breathes and does not itch, cut low in the back to keep her nape warm, and often with a little brim that offers some privacy in case she’s lost her brows and lashes along with her hair.

This hat is either one of her favorite colors, or one that is neutral and goes with her wardrobe. It is not grey, because right now your friend’s skin may be a little ashen, and she will look more like herself if she has some color near her face – even if that color is black.

This hat is so soft that she can wear it inside all the time, and even sleep it in because her head is cold. We have many cashmere options in store.  I suggest you go in with a friend and get a small variety so that your best girl has options.

I hope this helps. There is nothing better than a best friend.

*Here are some other things that might help:

Nutrition packed meals to bring her

A dog walking service gift certificate

An audio book subscription

massage from a practitioner specializing in cancer patients

A subscription to a local organic juice delivery service

Cotton jammies

A cashmere throw